welcome to
'' The Maze ''
'' follow your element within''

'The Maze' is a labyrinth and you have
to find your way through.
In the end you will have to find
a hidden link on a special picture.

With the symbols of the four elements
- ( water, fire, earth and air ) -
you will navigate around in the Maze .

You always start in the middle of the labyrinth.
(you can always go back to the middle by pressing
the red button in the centre of the navigation bar)

There are sites with hidden linkson the pictures.
find them to get hints or more gizmos :)

In the left-lower corner of the sites
you can find hints and phrases
to choose the right element
and direction to find the exit.

ps : on the pages with video files ...
i enbedded the files via youtube.
please do not click on the videoscreen
more than one time
or you will end up
on the youtube homepage !

'' The 4 navigation symbols ''

the fire symbol

the water symbol

the air symbol

the earth symbol

Remember ..
discover the element of what
you see and it will lead the way .